"Welcome to Elvinos, a blog and portfolio site discussing all things Strategy and Technology."
Alexander Charles

Disruptive technological change is occurring at a pace quicker than ever before. Technology is levelling the playing field between incumbents and start-ups alike, eroding many competitive advantages and pushing some once successful corporations to the brink of bankruptcy. To combat the threat of disruptive technology, fresh strategic thinking and technological insight is paramount. It is these types of challenges that excite me; where discussing these problems is key to this site's vision.

Today I am studying for an MSc in Computer Science at UCL, working and thinking about strategy in and around my studies. With this site, I hope to share my thoughts and knowledge; with an aspiration to engage a community of other strategy and technology enthusiasts.

University College London
MSc Computer Science

September 2017-2018
  • Machine Learning Disseration: Understanding the true effects of promotions in supermarkets, partnered with OC&C Strategy

Redshift Strategy
Business Analyst

Summer 2017
  • Blockchain Strategic Report: Through interviews and analysis, prepared a report for 30 of the largest Telecoms CEOs on the impact of Smart Contracts. Presented at Euromoney’s Global Leaders Forum (GLF)

Bristol University
Engineering Design with an Aerospace Specialism

September 2013 - July 2017
  • Graduated First Class
  • Arup Prize for Best Dissertation

Boston Consulting Group

November 2016
  • Case Study Competition Finalist

Research Engineer

July 2015 - July 2016
  • SAAB led LOCOMACHS European Project: Planned and delivered final dissemination event for 4-year, £31m aerospace research project. Showcased technology from 32 companies across 16 countries to 153 industry leaders.
  • MTC Strategic Marketing Report: Analysed the company’s competitive positioning, based on interviews conducted with MTC’s senior management team. Received praise on the report’s perceptiveness from the MTC’s Strategic Development Director.
Key Themes.

All this site’s content is categorised under four main areas of interest.


Discussing topics around innovation, business strategy and digital transformation. Crafting thought pieces, digesting and summarising relevant books and analysing business movements, with a view to stimulating discussion.


Discussing the lastest industry trends in technology, focussing on enhancing business performance and decision making.


Showcasing my latest development projects, including websites and apps. I want to advertise my work and help pass on my knowledge as I continue to mature as a hobbyist developer.


Dedicated to inspiring designs across a range of disciplines; providing some food for thought and artistic stimulation - we all need a break sometimes.


My latest thinking around the topics strategy, technology, development and design. I welcome your thoughts and feedback in each post's comments section. Have an idea for a future post? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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My most recent papers on strategy and technology. These articles constituted part of my work towards my Engineering degree at Bristol University.

    Key Areas

  • Asset Valuation
  • Energy Storage
  • Price Modelling
  • Tesla
  • Utilities

Investigation of Energy Storage to Reduce Charges for The New University of Bristol Campus


With the rapid fall in Li-ion energy storage costs and the continual price rise in energy bills, now seems like the appropriate time to investigate the feasibility of using energy storage to reduce costs. By understanding the advantages of using batteries and alleviating risks through modelling, the full value of energy storage can be understood and implemented.

    Key Areas

  • Blackberry
  • IBM
  • Innovation
  • Innovators Dilema

Why Companies Must Innovate or Die


Many once highly successful companies now no longer exist,  caught out by changes in the marketplace. Understanding why these companies have failed is crucial to preventing the repetition of the same mistakes. Establishing a culture that nurtures disruptive innovation is key to survival. Today, Industry 4.0 is accelerating the speed of change, bringing innovations to the market quicker than ever before. Companies must appreciate how industry 4.0 will change their industry understanding the effects of; globalisation, increasing competition, increasing consumer expectations and advancing technologies Industry 4.0 offers. Case studies of Blackberry and IBM provide examples of companies who have either failed or succeeded in responding to disruptive innovations in their industries.


My portfolio of work showcasing websites, apps and other development projects worth mentioning.

  • Tender Auction

    A pure PHP/ SQL project, developed from the ground up, incorporating a Model View Controller framework and a fully designed database Schema. This project made up the coursework section for a UCL databases unit. It features a custom built collaborative filter a bidding/emailing engine and advanced search and filtering capabilities. For all features see this … Continued
  • Industry Exchange Network

    A showcase website marketing UCL’s Industry Exchange Network to new Industry Partners. As a UCL MSc App Design project, a WordPress based website was created showcasing Computer Science student projects developed for clients. The website features a bespoke design, with an interactive method for viewing an filtering student projects.
  • Charles Photography

    A bespoke photography website showcasing a gallery of images taken by Steve Charles. Design highlights include a Ken Burns style slideshow viewer and a hexagonal image grid display. The site was developed using on the full Roots stack, to optimise performance.
  • Advanced Aerospace Technology Forum

    Marketing and ticketing website for the final dissemination event of a European 4-year aerospace research project, LOCOMACHs; involving 32 companies across 16 countries. Through techniques such as SEO, the site doubled the expected ticket sales receiving over 500 views a day. In collaboration with MatterPay, the site included a fully integrated ticket purchasing system, significantly reducing booking fees and increasing convenience for customers.
  • Markdown to LaTeX App

    Application to create beautifully formatted LaTeX documents, while only writing in the simple markdown language. Write your content in apps such as Evernote and Grammarly, then copy this across to compile. See some of my latest papers for examples.

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