Development 2 years ago

The Ultimate MacBook Setup – Part One: Homebrew Apps

It is common to buy a new Mac, install a bunch of applications, add some media and leave it running without any cleaning/ maintenance over Mac’s lifespan. All this activity can cause your Mac to slow down, causing bugs, issues and performance lag, degrading your Mac experience. Where some may opt to buy a new Mac, there is often a much... Read more
Development 2 years ago

Brand New Travel Blog

Dissertation submitted, University over! It is finally time to start the next adventure; let’s travel. In preparation for the trip, I wanted to... Read more
Strategy 3 years ago

What Is Strategy?

To kick start the strategy theme of this blog, I want to begin by going right back to basics, with the question: What is strategy? Strategy’s... Read more
Strategy 3 years ago

Welcome To The Blog

Dear Reader,   Welcome to the all new Elvinos Blog. A summer project, with big ambitions to create a platform to discuss all things strategy, technology, development and design. I will admit, the process of establishing this site has been fun; with complete creative control and enough time to push myself to learn new tools and technologies... Read more
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