The Ultimate MacBook Setup – Part One: Homebrew Apps

It is common to buy a new Mac, install a bunch of applications, add some media and leave it running without any cleaning/ maintenance over Mac’s lifespan. All this activity can cause your Mac to slow down, causing bugs, issues and performance lag, degrading your Mac experience. Where some may opt to buy a new … Continued

Brand New Travel Blog

Dissertation submitted, University over! It is finally time to start the next adventure; let’s travel. In preparation for the trip, I wanted to create a place to tell the story of the trip and share some of my photos taken along the way. Travel Site Goals: Sit the site on the same WordPress server as … Continued

The Ultimate Python Machine Learning Environment

If you are like me, beginning your next data analytics project, you may be wondering what tools to use, where can I cut corners and how up to your productivity and save time. I recently learnt python properly and fell in love with the language, but encountered many issues in getting python running smoothly on … Continued