Brand New Travel Blog

Dissertation submitted, University over! It is finally time to start the next adventure; let’s travel.

In preparation for the trip, I wanted to create a place to tell the story of the trip and share some of my photos taken along the way.

Travel Site Goals:

  • Sit the site on the same WordPress server as, using a sub-domain name, and shared database
  • Design an elegant homepage
  • Create a photo-based blog for short reads
  • Build a responsive photo gallery with full-page photo views

The Solution:

The site was set up on the same server as using Trellis’s multisite settings. WordPress’s multisite setup allows for multiple sites to share a common database; allowing for shared plugins, users and content. As both websites are small and will share similar content, using a shared WordPress setup was optimal. The creation of this subdomain setup will be discussed in another post (watch this space).

The design of the site took inspiration from; using the same typography, border effects, menus and homepage sections. A previously designed ken burns style photo slider was taken from charlesphotography and used as the page opening header.

Travel Blog header ken burns slider image

The homepage is broken into three main sections; story, short-style photo blogs and the photography gallery. The blog section used a large immersive image with the hope of telling a visual journey of the different locations visited.

Short blog pst image

For the photo gallery, I chose to use the Material Photo Gallery plugin. This acted as a great fully responsive plugin (with a few tweaks).

Photo-gallery gif showing how the gallery works

To complete the website, two additional subpages were created, one to allow all the blog post to be viewed and scrolled through and another to view a more extensive collection of photos.

Overall for just a couple of days work, I now have a fully functional website that can act as a home for all my updates over the next 6 months. It’s about time to start that adventure… Check out the new site here at:

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